That the Guatemalan sugar agro industry continues to project itself as a highly competitive sector, a vanguard-leading entity, with high credibility, responsible and a constant developer with human approach.


To supply all members of mills and entities of this sector with all services agreed upon in Extended General Meetings and Board of Directors, for statutory and strategic reasons, for the unity, growth and development of the Sugar Agro Industry that may allow the national and international consumer to have a high quality product.


The objectives of the Sugar Association of Guatemala are:

  • to increase the production through the development and improvement of productivity in the field as well as in the industry.
  • To technify and train human resources.
  • To develop projects and programs which increase the capability of production systems in the field and industry, distribution and commercialization of the product and shipment systems.
  • To develop programs within the influential areas in order to improve living conditions of the laborers of the sugar industry, of the community in general and the environment.
  • To actively support the strengthening of the local governments in several municipiums.