Ingenio El Pilar


El Pilar mill was established on December 1975 in “La Esperanza”, San Andrés Villa Seca, department of Retalhuleu. In 1983, it attained its first production of 46,000 MT of sugar; in the harvest between the years 95-96 it reached second place production nationwide.

Today, it is producing 258,000 MT of sugar of which a portion is used for both export and domestic market. In 2013, it started out with cogeneration operations with turbo generator of 22.8 MW.


During harvest: over 4,500 direct jobs

No-harvest: more than 1,000 direct jobs


  • Standard white sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • Molasses


Electricity from sugarcane bagasse

Did You Know?

El Pilar mill has a technology which separates gases from particles produced by the boilers called SCRUBBERS in order to obtain clean steam from the exhaust of its chimneys.

Also, El Pilar mill has a DRY CLEAN SYSTEM FOR SUGARCANE, which is based on the combination of mechanical impacts to loosen the trash and subsequent screening by a system of rollers in rotation.

This system has the following main benefits:

  • It eliminates 100% of the use of water.
  • It reduces waste water discharge and proportionally charges biochemical oxygen demand.

El Pilar mill implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices system with which an important CERTIFICATION was achieved on January 10th, 2011, in force today. It also comprises: Manufacturing Process of Granulated Sugar.