Ingenio Madre Tierra


The farm ‘Madre Tierra’, located in the community of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, department of Escuintla, produced coffee and owned a few cattle heads when it was owned by José Francis. Until 1962, he began with the sugarcane plantation.

In 1963, Rudy Weissenberg Martínez and his sister Pilar bought the farm Madre Tierra, with the idea of building a mill; they began planting the sugarcane and started to seek nearby suppliers. Their first supplier was Dr. Roberto Zachrisson, at the Camantulul estate, where today the Sugar Museum lies.


During Harvest: more than 6,700 direct jobs

No-harvest: more than 4,622 direct jobs


  • Raw Sugar
  • Standard Sugar
  • Molasses


  • Electricity from sugarcane bagasse

Did You Know?

Madre Tierra manages 99% of the sugarcane production grown in about 20 thousand hectares. It complies with the wise words of Mark Twain, who said that sugar is produced in the field.

Madre Tierra is a pioneer in the ‘sistema de chorra discontinua’, in the dragging equipment, semi-trailers with triple equipment cages and the use of a helicopter for the proper application of the ripening composite.

It has been innovative regarding rock picker machines and sugarcane washing, with which there´s an additional benefit for the delivering of sugarcane unto the grinders; currently, electrical power is being used to produce an efficient use of steam and therefore having a better output of energy supply.