Ingenio Magdalena


In the early 80’s, the Magdalena mill was relocated in the farm Finca Buganvilia (current location). Previously, Ingenio Magdalena was installed on the farm Finca Magdalena. With the management renovations a period of continuous growth begins. The production between 1990-1991 the harvest is doubled, reaching a production of 105.855 MT of sugar.

In the years of 2014 Magdalena mill production was 695,000 MT

In 2001 distillery jobs begin and a year later, exports start out. In 2004 the electricity generation expands and in the coming years the purchase of new technologies and facilities for production processes helps out with the diversification of our products, enabling our expansion and continued growth.


During harvest: over 24,500 direct jobs

No-harvest: more than 15,425 direct jobs.


  • Raw sugar
  • Standar sugar
  • Refined sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Molasses
  • Alcohol


  • Electricity from sugarcane bagasse
  • Electricity from other resources

Did You Know?

The mill was built at the farm Finca Magdalena, -named after this farm- on Rodeo, in the department of Escuintla. Initially, its operations were concentrated only on the production of molasses as raw material for the manufacturing of liquor.

Magdalena is the first mill in the region with three tandem mills.

Electricity comes from the transformation of thermal energy from the combustion of sugarcane bagasse and the production of steam. The generated electricity is used for domestic consumption and the national power grid.