Ingenio Palo Gordo


Palo Gordo mill, formerly a farm of approximately 1,895.67 acres located in Guatemala, Central America, near the town of San Antonio, department of Suchitepéquez. In 1929, it was bought by the Central American Plantations Corporation -CAPCO-.


During Harvest: over 5,100 direct jobs

No-harvest: more than 3,600 direct jobs.


  • Raw sugar
  • Standar sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Molasses
  • Alcohol


  • Electricity from sugarcane bagasse

Did You Know?

Our school has over 70 years of existence, owning a piece of carved stone from the Mayan culture with influence from the Olmeca culture, dated from the third century AD; it reflects a prince playing ball (sacred activity at the time).

The name of “Palo Gordo” has its origins in the colonial Era, when the Ceiba trees were called “big trunks”; precisely within the Ingenio Palo Gordo there are two emblematic trees.

Ingenio Palo Gordo was established 80 years ago.