Ingenio Trinidad


The history of San Diego mill goes back to 1887, with the purchase of the farm San Diego and the beginning of artisan sugar production and since 1901, the production of spun sugar.

In 1943, the Vila family acquired this fine farm. The first challenge that the family noticed was the construction of a new mill, the largest and most modern, said challenge was achieved in 1965.


During harvest: over 5,400 direct jobs

During non-harvest: more than 3,135 direct jobs.


  • Standard sugar
  • Raw Sugar
  • Molasses


  • Electricity from biomass (bagasse and wood chip)
  • Electricity from mineral coal.

Did You Know?

In 1960 the mill set off the construction of housing modules equipped for the field workers of the sugar industry of Guatemala.

In 1965, it also established a program of comprehensive assistance to retired employees.

Trinidad mill was the first one to be certified ISO 9001-2008 in Production and Marketing of sugarcane on June 29, 2005.